Look what came into the office this week:

‘Looking for Love 1996’ by Alec Soth

If you dropped off a roll of black-and-white film at drugstore in the upper Midwest in 1996, there was a good chance it was printed by me. I spent that year (I was 26) and several others working at a large commercial photography lab. Most of my days were spent in the dark, printing pictures of seemingly happy Midwestern families. I was, of course, miserable

After a day in the dark, I would head to the bar. More darkness, yes, but I was comforted by that boozy, underwater world and the solitude I found among strangers. In time, I started making pictures. Back at work, I would spend more and more of my day printing my own photographs (I would tape the finished prints around my legs and sneak them out of the darkroom under my jeans in a slow robot-walk to my car).

He then rambles on about wanting to meet a stranger and fall in love … Alec Soth doesn’t need some pretentious love-story in an attempt to unify the photographs in the book. The book is valid and interesting alone as a collection of his first photographs, and the secret stealthy manner in which they were made.

Pre-order and see more photographs here:[sword]=Buch&tx_ttproducts_pi1[backPID]=21&tx_ttproducts_pi1[product]=379&cHash=e8d5c0e4c0

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